Choosing to parent is rewarding and challenging. Your new family will look to you for confident leadership. Honestly, most of us find that we have no idea how to parent. We know how our parents did or didn't parent us and we may or may not think that we want to follow their parenting styles with our own children. Regardless, we want to leave a legacy for our children, we want to put our signature on our kids lives. 


Signature Parenting is a one-of-a-kind, progressive parenting education program offering a foundational education starting with pregnancy and continuing into the elementary years. Families meet up to twice a month with a Adviser for individual sessions and can take additional  group classes offered by the Center for Free.


Additional services include:

  • Online and Local References and Resources

  • Lil Sprouts - Exploring the Opportunities 

  • PS Baby Boutique

  • Special Events & Services for Clients Only



Signature Parenting

Individuals and couples may apply for the Signature Parenting Program. Each family completes a one page application and attends a Client Consultation where we give an overview of  the program, evaluate the family needs and set up a Personalized  Plan and Schedule.


The Signature Parenting Program is divided into 5 Segments:


  • Pregnancy ~ Labor/Birth & Newborn Care

  • Infant 2 Toddler

  • Early Elementary

  • Healthy Parenting

  • PERSIST Teen Parents


Click here for Segment Details and to set up a Client Consultation

About Us:

At Pregnancy Services of Gratiot County, we provide pregnancy and parenting education and support services. We have been serving


families in Gratiot County for over 27 years.

  • PREGNANCY SERVICE - Free Pregnancy Tests, Free Ultra Sound and Free STD Testing Referrals. Discuss Options in Privacy by Walk- In or by Calling for an Appointment.

  • SIGNATURE PARENTING - Sessions on Parenting tailored to your Needs. Including Our Baby Boutique Point Building System

  • ALICE -Advisory Services

  • CHOSEN Adoption Support Services

  • EMBRACING GRACE - After Abortion Healing

  • RELATIONSHIPS  101 - Healthy Relationships - STI/STD Education

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Pregnancy Services of Gratiot County is a 501 (c) 3  non-profit, faith based, non-denominational, non-political organization.


We do not perform, refer or recommend abortions.