Should I Parent?

Parenting is a big responsibility that can feel daunting but many women feel it can be a rewarding choice. Make an appointment today to discuss with one of our support service providers your concerns about parenting. Many resources are available in Gratiot County and the surrounding areas for solo and married parents. 

Many women whose pregnancy was planned ask themselves this question, You may have many concerns about being a parent, such as the additional financial costs, the additional responsibility, and the ability to care for another person. Pregnancy Services is here to listen to you and provide you with information that will help you address the questions you have. We also can provide services such as: Education & Support Services through Signature Parenting, Material Assistance through the Baby Boutique, we can also refer you to community and online resources that will help you navigate parenting.

How do I know I would be a Good Parent?

Questions You May Have About Parenting


If you're pregnant, here are some questions others have had:



  • What resources are available if I decide to parent?

  • What will my future look like?

  • How do I know I am ready to be a parent?

  • How can I afford to parent?

  • Can I still attend school?

  • How can I make it on my budget?

  • What if I already have children?

  • How can I do this alone?

About Us:

At Pregnancy Services of Gratiot County, we provide pregnancy and parenting education and support services. We have been serving


families in Gratiot County for over 27 years.

  • PREGNANCY SERVICE - Free Pregnancy Tests, Free Ultra Sound and Free STD Testing Referrals. Discuss Options in Privacy by Walk- In or by Calling for an Appointment.

  • SIGNATURE PARENTING - Sessions on Parenting tailored to your Needs. Including Our Baby Boutique Point Building System

  • ALICE -Advisory Services

  • CHOSEN Adoption Support Services

  • EMBRACING GRACE - After Abortion Healing

  • RELATIONSHIPS  101 - Healthy Relationships - STI/STD Education

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