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Embracing Grace

After Abortion


Some women have chosen abortion when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Though not often talked about, this choice is frequently followed by unexpected thoughts, feelings, and challenges that women find themselves alone to deal with for years to come. Many women, and other individuals affected by an abortion (fathers, grandparents, future mates) often confront a stigma that discourages them from openly expressing these difficulties.


At Pregnancy Services, Embracing Grace is a service we offer for women who made the choice to have an abortion and are now wrestling with the aftermath and effects of that choice. We also extend support for other individuals and families impacted by abortion. Our services are confidential, and provide a way out of seclusion and silence into healing and grace. To hear the hearts of other women who have experienced some of the unexpected effects of abortion, please click on the link below, "Abortion Changes You."

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